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Website Visibility Audit - $599

Do you sell a product or service online? Chances are that multitudes of people are searching for your offering every day on Google. We can help you harness this targeted search traffic, and tap in to a new, free, ongoing source of clients.

Website Analysis

We use over 20 of the best tools available to analyze your website. You'll learn your website's strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats when it comes to online search.

On Page Search Engine Optimization

Based on our analysis, we'll give you a prioritized list of changes to make to your website. Often, the smallest tweaks can have a profound impact on your incoming search traffic.

Competitor Analysis

Search engine visibility is determined by how your website relates to your competitors for each specific search term. We'll do a thorough analysis of your top competitors to find out where you rank in relation to them. This will also uncover hidden opportunities to bring more traffic to your website.

Target Keyword Recommendations

We'll find out what searches are currently bringing traffic to your site. Then we'll determine which keyword combinations are candidates to become first page or first result searches with minimal effort. First page search results receive as much as 90% of all search traffic! Small website adjustments can often take a page 2 search result and move it up to page 1, or even into the top 3 listings!

Next Steps

Don’t wait, get started today! Click Buy Now to purchase our Website Visibility Audit and start getting free web traffic for life.

Website Visibility Audit - $599

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