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MVP Project Planning Package - $999

Get started today with our MVP Project Planning Package. This plan includes one on one consultation where we gather everything needed to produce a project plan and timeline, screen flows and layouts, and a quote for completing the MVP release of your app. This is the first step in launching your new app, and will give you complete visibility into the timeline, budget and details of the development process.


Mobile App Design Consultation (up to 3 hours)

We’ll meet in person in Birmingham, AL or remotely via Skype to discuss your app in detail. App design is our specialty and we’ll uncover all of the requirements and complexities of your app during these meetings.   

Screen Flows & Layouts (up to 10 screens)

Taking what we’ve learned in our consultation, we’ll create a full design for your MVP, including screen layouts and all possible navigation flows between those screens. You’ll see the entire layout for your app before any code is written.

Project Plan

We will provide you with a step by step project plan to develop and launch your new app. This will detail the development steps for both front end and back end development, which may include database and other cloud service specifications, as required by your app. We’ll review the plan together to make sure you understand your app, inside and out!

Time & Development Estimate for iOS MVP

In addition to complete designs, you’ll also receive a detailed quote so you know exactly what it will cost to launch your new app, and how long it will take to get it done. No more guesswork or ballooning budgets! You can even take your quote and project plan to other developers! We use the industry standard Agile development methodology so that your designs are totally portable.

Next Steps

Don’t wait, get started today! Click Buy Now to purchase our MVP Project Planning Package and take the first step toward launching a successful app.

MVP Project Planning Package - $999

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